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On August 6, 2019, the NCAA enacted new requirements for agents interested in representing players testing the NBA draft waters. The new criteria required agents to have: i) a bachelor's degree, ii)  National Basketball Players Association certification for at least three consecutive years, iii) professional liability insurance and iv) completion of an in-person exam taken in early November at the NCAA office in Indianapolis. Many argued the new requirements specifically targeted African-American agents, such as Rich Paul, who didn’t meet some of these new requirements. On August 12, 2019, in response to public criticism, the NCAA amended the stipulations, no longer requiring agents to have a bachelor's degree. 

Despite the reversal of some of the NCAA agent requirements, there is still a lack of African-American agents in the sports industry and there are still countless hurdles African-Americans have to overcome to enter the field. In an effort to increase the number of African-American sports agents, Diverse Representation has established an inaugural scholarship fund specifically geared towards African-American students interested in pursuing careers as sports agents. We have assembled some of the most esteemed sports professionals to help us create a scholarship program and pipeline for young African-Americans to succeed and thrive as sports agents.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Demonstrated community involvement

  • Demonstrated interest in the sports industry

  • African-American high school junior or senior; college student

  • Completed scholarship application and accompanying personal statement 

Submission Timeline:

  • Application Period Opens: September 3, 2019

  • Application Period Closes: October 15, 2019

  • Scholarship Recipients Announced: November 1, 2019

Scholarship Recipients will receive:

  • Year-long mentorship

  • Stipend to cover NCAA agent application and certification fees

  • Access to various sports-related resources, events and organizations

  • Guaranteed summer 2020 internship placement with a sports agency or team

Application Materials:

  • Application form can be accessed HERE